Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Breaking News: National Social groups running out of acronyms!

Bismark, ND: NSOA, NSM, ANSWP, NSWP, NSALP, CNSP, NSDAP, ANP, NSF...all these groups and more are responsible in part for the recent shortage in National Socialist organization acronyms. This problem reaches far into the history of white nationalism starting with the splintering of the Klu Klux Klan. Just how many combinations and the letters KKK can you come up with?

"I wanted to start a National Socialist group and strike out against international Jewery," explained Nathan Hertz of North Dakota. "But there are no more names left. We wanted to call ourselves National Socialist Organization of America. Pretty generic and non-threatening, right? Well, some assholes in South Carolina already used 'National Socialist Order of America.' So we have to pick something else. Now it's going to be either too long or sound too much like somebody else's name."

The crunch has been felt as far away as Alaska. George Wasden made this statement:

"We've been calling ourselves the Alaskan Nazi Party for about five years. So then we decide to hold a meeting. 'Come out and support the ANP BBQ fund raiser in Fairbanks.' Next we are getting emails asking us if some guy named Rocky is going to be there. Now it's up to the 8 of us to decide on a new name after we've called ourselves the ANP for half a decade."

Some have suggested a new online tool for people wanting to start their own National Socialist group. The idea is to have people go to a webpage and hit a button labled, "name my group". The program checks against already used names or acronyms then displays a suggestion. This was a current project of the National Socialist American League of Programmers until they discovered that there was already a group called the NSALP. The project has been halted until they can select another name.

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